Meet The Team

Marcos Mendosa Tolu
Marcos Mendosa ToluChief Writer & Founder

Creative Arts

He’s been acknowledged as a creative and expressive mind consciously equipped to contribute his various talents and skills to people around the world.

Marcos been known for his talent as a Public Speaker that fuses Music with Motivational Speaking at his acclaimed “Performance Seminars.

Seminar Curator

As a Speaker he uses Atmospheric Design to provide audiences with an Educational and Entertainment value, that leaves lasting impressions by creating moments in his speeches that trigger emotional intelligence to become activated. Essentially, he sets out the intention to provide audiences with euphoric experiences that trigger shivers (goosebumps) and tears (emotional release).

2x Public Speaking Champion

In 2014 Marcos won 1st Place at the Dynamo Public Speaking Competition for his speech titled, I’M.POSSIBLE. In 2016, Marcos won 1st place at the Speaker Slam Competition for his speech titled, I AM. From this moment on, he’s been a committed entrepreneur that’s used his talents to spread messages of love, abundance, possibility, and action.

Current Day

Today, Marcos is living his dream life by utilizing his passions to create customized soundtracks of people’s lives through his company, LifeStream Soundtracks. Marcos and his team are committed to creating the soundtrack of people’s lives by using animation, audio engineering, music, and literacy.

LifeStream Soundtracks has become the ultimate form of expression for Marcos. He has truly discovered a niche that exemplifies his character to the utmost.


Throughout the years, Marcos has been providing writing services for singers, lyricists, corporate speakers, and people from all walks of life that desire his writing skills to be used for cover letters, resumes, and speeches.

Create Your LifeStream

We are devoted to providing you with a listening and viewing experience that will bring joy to your life.

Creating the Soundtrack of Your Life
Create Your LifeStream

Our Valuable Team Members

Ruzanna Sukiasyan
Ruzanna SukiasyanVideographer & Animations Specialist

Creative Arts:
Rooster is a multi-disciplinary artist and visual story teller. Her passion for art stemmed from a very young age, growing up in Armenia and being surrounded by the rich culture that still influences her work today. She has created & which are platforms for aspiring artists just like her to share and grow with.

She has graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in film studies and has been working professionally as a photographer, videographer and video editor for 6 years. Her work is featured in magazines, websites and blogs, social media and film festivals. Working for one of the biggest creative agency’s in Toronto, Anomaly, she got to create and edit videos for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Current day:
Many people are inspired by the passion and drive that Rooster has for everything she cares about. An active member in Toronto’s conscious and spiritual community, she makes sure that her art always carries a message. Positivity and Love is what she preaches with her poetry, music, dance and intuitive healing.

Pat Ness
Pat Ness Web Ninja, Affiliate Marketer, & Software Developer

I’m a web developer, digital marketing strategist, sales funnel designer, graphic designer, SEO guy, blogger, affiliate marketer, and business coach. Basically, I’m an all-in-one web business building machine

Nidhia Sachdeva
Nidhia SachdevaMixing & Mastering Audio Engineer

I’m an all-around audio junky; sound technician by day and sound engineer any other hour. As a creative soul, I’ve found my niche channeling my creativity within the technical realm of music and post-production, adding colour, depth and meaning to what you hear through your speakers.

Anita Levesque
Anita LevesqueWeb Designer, Graphic Designer

I provide the following services; web & graphic design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, e-commerce and print design to people and businesses all over the world.  Basically a jack of all trades; photographer, mental health advocate and writer.